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Inside Blue Tongue: What Will My Training Look Like?

Blue Tongue will have you qualified and on-site in a flash with a streamlined upfront training period.

Our upskill program is designed to take you from a Light Vehicle Mechanic to a fully-qualified Heavy Diesel Mechanic with a job in the mining industry.

Here’s the breakdown:


You will complete your training in two parts:

  • A paid eight-week intensive stint at TAFE; and
  • 15-months on-site completing your apprenticeship.


TAFE Training


In return for your hard work as an LV Mechanic, you’ll receive RPL credit towards your Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology.

Over the next eight weeks, you will complete the remaining units alongside a group of keen upskillers just like you.

Unlike standard apprenticeships where you’re with a different group each time, you will stay with the same team for the duration of your training.

And, no matter how much you might dread being back in a classroom, Blue Tongue Operations Director, Paul Whittle, says it’s the best way to do it.

“Our guys create a team within that group, and they help each other through. So, there is a bit of camaraderie and stuff like that, and that’s what we promote when we first get them to TAFE,” Paul said.

“It’s a demanding course, and a beer with the group on the first Friday of TAFE is strongly encouraged!”

Throughout your training journey, you will be around like-minded mechanics, bringing your different strengths and coming together to get the work done. It’s no surprise that many students forge long-lasting friendships.

“This structure is by design,” Paul said.

“Rip the bandaid.”

“The training suits our clients since their staff won’t be continuously pulled from site, and students are more likely to see it through. Without lingering units to complete, there’s no risk of having to extend your apprenticeship, and you’ll complete it in the timeframe you set out to.”

“And you’ll be paid to do it.”


Apprenticeship Contract


With the TAFE portion behind you, all your further training will be on site.

For the next 15 months, you’ll be paid as a FIFO worker with one of Australia’s leading mining companies as you complete your apprenticeship.

With the fundamentals taken care of, you’ll get straight to work on the big gear (no sweeping floors).

This could be on big trucks in a town like Port Hedland or Newman, or perhaps maintaining mobile plant equipment on a remote mine site with a camp.

Blue Tongue offers a range of placement opportunities typically run on a 2/1 roster and occasionally 4/2.

You’ll appreciate the routine and balance of work swings and the good break to spend with friends and family in between.

Once your training is complete, you’ll be a fully-qualified Heavy Diesel Mechanic, and your employment contract will transfer to the mining company you’ve already been working for.

Paul guarantees that “the eight weeks of TAFE and 15 months on site is worth it”.

“That’s going to triple your current salary,” he added.


Over 90% of all Blue Tongue upskill program applicants go on to become Heavy Diesel Mechanics with long-term employment.

Join more than 1,000 graduates of the program and take the next step in your career with Blue Tongue.