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Voices of the Upskill Program

In this article, you’ll hear first-hand from those who have gone through our life-changing upskill program!

Over 90% of our enrolled employees go from the Light Vehicle workshop to qualified Heavy Duty mechanics with lucrative jobs in the mining industry.

That’s because your success is our success.

Through TAFE, your apprenticeship and beyond, Blue Tongue will guide you every step of the way.

And there’s no better testament to our process than the people who have lived it and succeeded.

Read on to hear from our team and discover more about the Blue Tongue upskill experience!


Your inside word on training.


You’ll complete all your theoretical training at TAFE upfront when you join us, and your close-knit team of 12 upskillers will band together to achieve your Certificate III.

“The best part [of the upskill] was at TAFE, having a good time learning, meeting the boys, having some fun. We all started together, went to TAFE together, and now we’re here [onsite] together.” Jenaro Menzel.

While you will make some good mates, it can be an intensive and demanding course at times.

“The Blue Tongue upskill was full-on at TAFE. It was very go-go-go, which is different from what TAFE was when I was doing my Light Vehicle course.” Michael Merillo.

Post-TAFE, you’ll be on-site completing your apprenticeship over 15 months with no further TAFE commitments.

“When you see the grand scale of equipment, it’s overwhelming at first, but you find it really enjoyable once you start breaking it down and getting hands-on and getting involved.” Arryon Gilbert.

Many of Blue Tongue’s guys enjoy the challenge of a dynamic environment where no two days are the same.

“It really varies from day to day; there’s so much to do on the trucks. It’ll be either wiring or hydraulic work, replacing stuff and fixing stuff. It depends on which truck you’re working on as well,”  Jenaro continued.


Grow on the big gear!


Our upskill program is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and become an HD technician of the future.

“Some things with the bigger stuff are actually a lot easier to work on due to their size and nature. You have a lot more room and access than smaller equipment or light vehicles. The bigger the machines, generally the easier they are to work on.” Hayden Hilton.

Once you join one of our premier Australian mining partners, you’ll taste FIFO life and its many benefits.

For many of our people, the opportunity to earn serious money is the most compelling.

“I always wanted to go away and not spend money while getting paid weekly. Now, working the whole week and weekend, I’ve started to save a bit more coin.” Brad Boettger.

Tackle life’s significant expenses confidently:  a mortgage, cars, renovations, holidays, kids and gain financial freedom while setting you and your family up.

Perhaps more importantly, FIFO can offer a unique slice of family life.

“I get to spend a lot more quality time with my family, my wife and daughter. The 2 & 1 roster means we can go away camping or on holidays thanks to the longer blocks of time off; it’s a great lifestyle.” Jake Burgess.

If this is the life you want, choose Blue Tongue to support your journey and help get your foot in the FIFO door.

“It has opened my eyes to an amazing career path and a path where I can continually grow and develop and learn more things. I’ve been trying to twist a couple of friends’ arms to do it,” Hayden finished. 

Kickstart your new career today and join over 1,000 Blue Tongue upskill program graduates!