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The Blue Tongue model definitely improved workplace culture and we were able to retain quality staff.  We were pleased at how well the Blue Tongue employees seamlessly fitted into the Atlas Copco business. The culture strengthened when we could clearly see the retention in happy, satisfied candidates – Alison Poole, Atlas Copco.

It’s a different opportunity to bring a skill set in that we can train to suit our environment.  The benefit of Blue Tongue is these guys are already three years post-trade or more.  So they can basically walk in and over a 2-4 week period learn the fundamentals fairly quickly and be a productive employee – Duncan Faint, Komatsu.

Blue Tongue are experts in their field with experience that sets them apart.  MACA have worked with Blue Tongue for the past 7 years and through the Up-Skilling program we have gained reliable, loyal Up-Skill employees with new age skills sets and attitudes as part of our permanent workforce – Mitch Wallace, MACA Mining.