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Stabilise Your HD Maintenance Workforce

Are you having trouble finding  Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics for your mining operation? You’re not alone.  


With dozens of HD jobs listed across Australia and record-level wages and benefits on offer, companies and agencies are scrambling to attract skilled workers to their ranks.  

Already in hot demand, the global pandemic has further tightened competition for HD Diesel talent.   

And with Mining, Resources and Energy leading the list of top jobs in Western Australia, this is one skills shortage that looks to be staying put for now.  

So what’s the by-product for employers from all this competition? More often than not, the answer to that is churn 

Average technicians are more than happy to jump ship for a few more dollars in a seller’s market if there isn’t a strong culture and bigger vision to keep them with your organisation.  

In a bright contrast, studies have shown that the best and most highly sought-after workers are often motivated by deeper elements than simply cold hard cash.  

A-player employees throughout the mining industry – the top 10% – would forgo extra money to join a company with its sights set on a brighter future and where personal development is central.  

But how do we find these people, we hear you ask?  

Go inside the Blue Tongue Difference!

While it might sound like a pipedream and something unachievable for your business amid the current skills shortage, Blue Tongue has crafted a unique and powerful talent solution that delivers actual results.  

Imitated by many, our pioneering HD Mining Mechanic upskill program maintains a candidate success rate of over 90% while ensuring the long-term success of our people and adding a culture boost for our client partners.   

We use our high-performance selection matrix to hand-pick the most promising 12 candidates from several hundred applicants based on their experience, commitment, dedication, and leadership potential.  

Simply put, they’re the best and most suitable people available.  

Meet a selection of our standout HD recruits here!

Blue Tongue’s rigorous selection process sets us apart from the pack and means that the teams of people we build are second to none and focused on long term career prospects ahead of money.   


If these sound like the type of A-players you want to source for your business, give the Blue Tongue team a call today to discuss your workforce options.