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True-Blue Workforce Development for Australian Rail

Blue Tongue has been partnering to solve skills shortages, for more than a decade.

More than 93% of Blue Tongue’s upskill candidates go on to fill permanent roles with our end-user clients. Our business model is road-tested and incorporates real-world project management solutions.

Blue Tongue’s innovative workforce solutions will play a vital role in Australian rail’s future.

As several massive transport infrastructure projects begin to gather steam across the country: Blue Tongue is in the box seat to deliver highly-skilled rail signalling technicians, required to meet industry demand.

With an upskill program designed to bring talented A-Grade Electricians into rail: our team is working hard to solve skill shortages before they make an impact

What Does Rail Contribute to Australia?
  • Australian rail enables the export of our mining, manufacturing and agriculture goods to the world.
  • Rail delivers a combined $30 billion to the nation’s GDP annually.
  • The sector employs 165,000 people across the country.

By 2030: Australia’s state and territory governments will have invested $100 Billion into the rail industry’s rejuvenation. And with multiple large projects taking centre stage, the key industry players are racing to secure the services of a highly-skilled technical workforce.

Learn How Blue Tongue is upskilling for the rail revolution.

In-line with the government’s rollout of a National Rail Industry Plan: the expansion of rail’s capabilities are set against an industry-wide skills shortage. Where the demand for highly skilled workers — like A-Grade Rail Signalling Technicians — is on the rise.

Relying on a relatively young workforce, with interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or the STEM disciplines: the future career opportunities in rail will match any cutting-edge field.

Meeting this broad workforce challenge will require the innovative workforce solutions that Blue Tongue has pioneered and become renowned for.

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to become a Rail Signalling Technician.

A job in rail has been touted as a ‘Job For Life’ in days gone by.

With a subtle change to the wording: the government’s overall message is now ‘Skills For Life’. Reflecting the industry-wide revitalisation that’s underway — and the progressive career opportunities to arise alongside.

What’s on the Horizon?

Significant work is already underway in the rail sector. With several large projects driving increased demand for skilled A-Grade Electricians, come Rail Signalling Technicians, including:

Inland Rail

Aiming to achieve freight times between Melbourne and Brisbane of 24 hours or less, the 1,700km inland Rail project, expected to cost $10 billion over the construction phase, will provide 16,000 new jobs during peak construction.


Perth’s most extensive rail project will deliver 18 new stations and 78km of new passenger line as part of a $4 billion commitment by the state government. Metronet will open up transport and growth opportunities for Perth’s surrounding suburbs.

Melbourne Metro

With special status as a critical infrastructure project, the $11 billion Melbourne Metro project will incorporate more than 9km of underground tunnels, along a brand new end-to-end rail line connecting the city’s west to the south-east.

Melbourne Airport Rail Link

With construction set to begin this year, the $10 billion Airport link will ease congestion on Melbourne’s roads by eliminating the need for 15,000 vehicles; while ensuring travel time to the airport is reduced to just 20 minutes.

Sydney Metro

Australia’s largest public transport project: the Sydney Metro will cost more than $12 billion to complete; including a Western Sydney airport line, and twin 15km tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham.

Rail’s Signalling Technicians of the Future

With career opportunities in rail set to explode over the coming decades — as demand for a suitably skilled workforce increases — Blue Tongue will meet the need, using our tried and tested workforce supply and development (upskill) programs.

Blue Tongue upskill candidates are motivated self-starters: making the leap from their current career paths to join us, and leverage their skills and expertise to make a difference in industries where a skills gap exists.

Blue Tongue has been partnering to solve skills shortages, for more than a decade.

Through a range of heavy industries: Blue Tongue’s entrepreneurial spirit has shone through to give motivated people their chance to progress. And to provide unrivalled workforce planning solutions for our commercial partners.

More than 93% of Blue Tongue’s Up-Skill candidates go on to fill permanent roles with our end-user clients. Our business model is road tested and incorporates real-world project management solutions.

So, whether you’re a motivated candidate or part of a rail organisation looking for true-blue workforce solutions: reach out to our team of experts today to discuss the Blue Tongue difference – and discover how we can help you achieve your workforce goals.