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Planning, Supplying and Developing Australia’s Skilled Workforce of the Future.

And why Blue Tongue’s unique business model actually works.

With Blue Tongue Founder Tully Young.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest opportunities we’ve identified across Australia’s mining and civil, and rail sectors: is finding a way to meet demand for the highly skilled technicians of the future.

This growing need to plan, develop and maintain an industrial-sized workforce of people, with the skill-sets to match, is taking shape on Australia’s economic horizon; and it’s something that Blue Tongue is sharply focussed on.

With an ageing national population, where most tradespeople retire at 55 years of age; coupled with a low number of apprenticeships being taken up, means we are highly likely to see the current skills shortage persist.

From the perspective of our clients and those we partner with: booming investment across several of Australia’s largest industries, continues to create ongoing demand for skilled technicians.

Demand that simply isn’t being met. 

Industry Snapshot:

Australia’s Gold Ore Mining industry has produced 335 tonnes of gold in 2019-20, and is on-track to become the world’s largest producer of gold in 2021.

Revenue growth in Australian Gold is expected to increase, due to higher prices and global economic uncertainty around COVID-19.

Blue Tongue has been closely watching as the current workforce crisis unfolds; doing our best to adapt with creative workforce solutions.

Over our journey, we’ve turned towards the needs of businesses and industries who are directly in the path of these shortages, innovating as we go; to provide realistic workforce training, supply and development options.

By maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, our team has pioneered a unique business model; as managed upskilling has become a leading way to source, vet, and retain qualified and committed people across affected industries.

At this stage of the game, we’ve clearly separated ourselves from the pack with a unique business model; leaving the standard practices of “recruitment” and “labour hire” in our wake.

Why Our Model Works

At Blue Tongue, we’re more than just a labour hire. And our team consistently delivers unparalleled rates of success, for both our candidates and clients.

We pin this on our road-tested approach to both candidate selection, and our use of a simulated workplace training environment; in preparing each member of our upskill intakes with the skills they’ll need, before starting onsite.

To gain entry into one of our paid upskill programs, we expect you to be both willing and able, in matching our commitment and investment in you.

Upskill Program Highlights:

Light Vehicle Mechanic to Mobile Plant Technician

  • Our Blue Tongue upskill candidates are already trade qualified, with at least 3-years experience post qualification. 
  • We naturally attract ambitious people, who are keen to make progress
    in their careers.
  • Our prospects are closely filtered, ensuring they’re committed to the process.

The decision to leave the relative comfort and routine of a steady job doesn’t always come easy however – often with, families and dependents to consider.

In bucking the status-quo, our candidates actively choose to take an 8-week industrial study break; resulting in a dual mechanical-trade qualification, in a field rich with opportunities to both earn great money, and develop real career opportunities.

This drive and determination is one of the main reasons that our people become so highly regarded when onsite; providing a tangible boost to both the performance and culture of their respective maintenance teams.

Of the more than 1000 trade candidates to undertake our managed upskill program: more than 90% have gone on to a permanent role with our clients, after completing their 15-month long program.

We Co-Invest to Reduce Risk for our Partners

It’s here that our approach diverges from the competition, and what makes us a true commercial business partner, as opposed to just another labour hire company.

By taking on our candidates as Blue Tongue employees, we’re able to effectively ‘boil down’ our cohort to a dedicated group of people, who are keen on achieving their career goals.

The unusual success of our program is summed up in a rate of candidate-to-client transition – that’s hard for others to imitate.

Industry Snapshot:

Mining companies are in recruitment drive, as new modelling indicates another 8,000 skilled workers will be needed across WA’s resources sector – following the state’s hard border closure.

In the same light, our people are able to immediately adapt to their surroundings – adding to their individual workplace cultures in a positive way – while often moving onwards and upwards into leadership roles; where their natural commitment, dedication and diligence are put to good use.