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5 reasons why upskill with Blue Tongue will change your life…for the better

Thinking about upskill your skills to land a bigger and better paid job? Since 2011, Blue Tongue has helped Electricians and Mechanics achieve this and reach their full potential through its Advanced Group Training programs. Here are the top five reasons why Blue Tongue employees choose to embark on the upskill journey:

Ensure future job security

Learning new skills and gaining new qualifications in an industry where the work is in high demand will ensure you remain employed and sought after. Technicians, Heavy Duty Mechanics and Electricians are some of the most in-demand jobs in the mining industry which is also one of Australia’s largest employers.

Light Vehicle Mechanic Dexter Tan joined Blue Tongue in 2020 to further his career and skillset. “I decided to do Blue Tongue’s Advanced Group Training Program because I wanted to expand my skills and learn more about different machines instead of just working on light vehicles. I wanted to explore more of what Heavy Duty is all about.”

Get paid more

It’s no secret that when you upskill your skills with Blue Tongue’s Advanced Group Training Program you’re going to be upgrading your pay packet too. You’ll have to put in the hard yard during your course to learn all the skills needed to begin your new role with one of our leading partner clients. But your newfound knowledge and skills will be highly valued in the industry, and with that you can expect a nice hike in your pay packet!

For Heavy Duty Mechanic Steve Hancock, who joined Blue Tongue in 2021, the pay increase has transformed his life.

“Since I’ve started working as a Heavy Duty Mechanic, I’ve been able to buy a house and take care of my family, which is amazing.”

Meet inspiring people

When you expand your skillsets on a Blue Tongue training program, you’ll find yourself with like-minded people looking to progress and aim higher in their careers. You’ll also be surrounded by experienced mentors on Blue Tongue’s Advanced Group Training program, while your supervisors and your co-workers will inspire you to reach your full potential when you begin working in your new role.

Hayden Hilton, who completed Blue Tongue’s Light Vehicle to Heavy Duty Mechanic program in 2021 found a second family in his colleagues when he began working with one of our partner clients as a Heavy Duty Mechanic.

“I have been very lucky and very grateful to work with a good bunch of people at the site. We all band together, we have a laugh, we get on, we get the work done and we all look after each other and support each other. It’s like having a second family, so that’s what I really look forward to, working with a good bunch of people, enjoying the work and the environment.”

5 reasons why upskill with Blue Tongue will change your life…for the better 1

2020 – Paul Whittle, Hayden Hilton and Marinda Saunders at Blue Tongue

Have more time to do the things you love 

Having time off to do all the things you love doing with a FIFO lifestyle means more time for fishing, 4 wheel-driving, travelling, hanging out with the kids and family…or whatever it is that floats your boat.

Blue Tongue Heavy Duty Mechanic apprentice Kristian Zafirovski is looking forward to spending more time with his kids when he begins his new role after completing his training. “I’m looking forward to having more family time with one week off every two weeks, and hopefully travel more when I begin working FIFO,” he said.

Get paid while you upskill 

Giving up a regular income to get a qualification is hard when you’ve got bills and financial responsibilities. Blue Tongue’s Advanced Group Training Programs take the worry out of that by paying for the training as well as a wage for the duration of the course. Blue Tongue Operations Manager Ben Warner said without this, it would be extremely difficult for people to upskill and change their careers.

“By paying for the training and giving them a wage, we’re able to deliver a really committed and job specific workforce for our partner clients,” he said. “It’s not as much as what they’ll be earning onsite, but it’s enough to cover the essentials while they get their qualification. Blue Tongue’s employees will also learn some practical skills in the first block of training before they go out to site which makes it so much easier to adapt to a mine site job. Our partnership with TAFE as our RTO means we’ve tailored our training programs using the latest technology and hands on equipment to fast-track candidates’ upskilling. You won’t find that kind of training and guaranteed job at the end of it anywhere else.”

By supporting its employees every step of the way on their upskilling journey, Blue Tongue helps alleviate some of the challenges that come with a career change. As Dexter explained:

“Blue Tongue always tries to help you as much as they can and if you don’t know what your goal is or if you’re having trouble with something, they will do their best to make it work for you.”

Want to know more? Speak to one of Blue Tongue’s recruitment consultants about upcoming Advanced Group Training Programs and how to apply.