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How do you get the relevant skills to break into the mining industry

The resources sector in WA is booming, but how do you get the relevant skills to break into the industry without losing your income?


2022 – the year of the most aggressive interest rate hikes in Aussie history, soaring petrol prices and grocery costs that went up and down like a yo-yo on steroids. We know it’s been a tough ride for many, and with whisperings of further rate rises forecast for next month, positioning ourselves to withstand surging inflation rates will help us stay afloat.

It’s reassuring though to see that resources sector is still booming and continues to drive the economy with the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association predicting an additional 24,000 production-based jobs across the sector and an 8% growth by 2027.

It’s enough to make a career in mining look more appealing than ever, with lucrative salaries and job security for skilled workers, in a thriving industry.

Of course, getting the right skillsets and qualifications to meet industry demand isn’t always so straightforward when you’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay. Which is why our upskill program — where you get paid a wage while we train you before working for one of our leading partner Clients in the industry— takes the headache out of that for you.

If you’ve got an existing trade qualification or experience, we can help you upgrade your trade and begin your career in mining as a Heavy Transport Mechanic, Rail Signalling Technician, Body Building and Trailer Mechanic or Mobile Plant Mechanic. Just send us a message on the link below and we’ll help you get cracking on making it happen!

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