Workforce Planning


A managed workforce solution involves far more than
just projecting labour requirements for the life of a
project or across a set time frame. It is a process that needs to be strategic and focused on ensuring you
have full control over the cost of labour. That is, the
real cost of labour, which is much more than the
hourly rate of each employee.

At Blue Tongue we partner with our clients and develop a strategic approach that builds the capability and capacity of the workforce, improves workplace culture, increases productivity, increases retention rates and provides training for the future whilst maintaining control over the cost of labour.

We offer an extensive range of options from Up-skilling local Australians through to accessing the best international talent via our On-Hire Labour Agreement negotiated with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. At Blue Tongue, we are not consultants that charge a large fee and walk away. We provide assets, unique IP and we share in the risk with our partners. By providing our clients with a superior managed workforce solution we achieve proven results in improving productivity and controlling labour cost.

Our philosophy is centred on the employment lifecycle and creating career paths for employees, not just jobs for today. By creating a career path with mid and long term incentives and goals for our employees we establish an improved culture within the workplace. This drives productivity and introduces a fresh and motivated approach into the workplace in which our employees are placed. 



employees stories

  • "It has been a great experience working with you and the rest of the team. I wish to express my great appreciation for the hard work you put in arranging my coming to Australia and further more your hard work in having my large family get residence status. My family also thank all of you for the good.."

    John Ncube, Cummins - 457 Sponsored,

  • "I have been working with you for the past five years and I have enjoyed every single day with great experience, I appreciate all the support you have given over these years for me and my family, thank you very much..."

    Feroz Khan, 457 Sponsored,

  • "I have had an amazing time working with you guys since I got here in Australia and the great help Blue Tongue have been, I will always be grateful..."

    Solomon Chidamahiya, Mitchell Corp- 457 Sponsored,

  • "Last week, our family finally gained Permanent Residency Visa from the Immigration Office. We are very happy and also grateful about it. First of all, we thank all the members of Blue Tongue, special thanks to Tully Young, for letting us, our family, to stay and enjoy our lives in Australia. As.."

    Dong Bae Yang, 457 Sponsored,

  • "Thank you for all your help and always being there to look after all our needs..."

    Jayson Ortega, 457 Sponsored,

  • "Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last four years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided during my tenure with the company..."

    Imran Ahmed, 457 Sponsored,

  • "The Upskilling program has been an awesome experience I’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of new experiences and it’s opened a lot of doors..."

    Glenn Samson, MACA Mining- Up-skill,

  • "The best part of the up-skill program for me was obtaining employment in the mining industry.."

    Chris Lethlean- Atlas Copco, Up-skill,

  • "The up-skill program has been a great experience and I'm very glad I took the challenge.."

    Ian Welgus, MACA Mining- Up-skill,

  • "Since I came here, I have been working with Tully and Blue Tongue as a family member to the whole team. I will call Blue Tongue family because I can express my concerns and views and my problems to anyone in the team..."

    Joshua Mwale, Atlas Copco- 457 Sponsored,

  • "I would most certainly recommend the upskill program, I will never turn back without a doubt. I would do it all again..."

    Adrian Ferraro-Quin- Atlas Copco, Up-skill,

  • " I would 100% recommend the Upskill program to other light vehicle mechanics. You'd be crazy not to do it..."

    Tom Cullen - Light Vehicle to Heavy Diesel Upskill,

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