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We are well known in the market as the leader in providing maintenance workforce solutions to industry clients to provide workforce predictability, consistency and cost control over project delivery

Established in 2001, Blue Tongue is 100% Australian owned and managed, with an expert and dedicated team committed to the success of Blue Tongue’s programs.

In 2012/2013 we employed a full time workforce of more than 150 people nationally, and we have experienced significant triple digit growth year on year in recent years.

We have partnered with many of Australia’s leading heavy companies in automotive, heavy commercial, resources (mining and civil) providing them with a managed labour solution to not only attract new skills into the resources sector but to also improve workforce retention rates, cost control, culture, loyalty and workforce performance.

Through our acclaimed Group Training Upskilling programs, we invest in sourcing, employing, and upskilling local trades qualified Australians enabling them to transition into the resources (mining and oil and gas) sector, working through Blue Tongue at one of our reputable industry clients.

As well as our commitment to investing in local Australians, we also look to overseas markets to identify skilled workers who can add depth to our Australian workforce. The regional skills shortage in Australia has seriously impacted businesses ability to have control over service levels, cost control and projects, Blue Tongue developed the 457 Sponsored workforce program in 2005 to help ease this problem.

Giving workers career opportunities they would never otherwise have if it wasn’t for our programs and seeing them succeed and become invaluable assets to our clients are some of our proudest achievements. Our Clients now have a workforce planning capability based around acquiring new people and skill sets, new attitudes and acquiring a workforce with a career mindset.

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