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The human resources challenges that have been experienced by the Australian Mining sector over the last 15 years are set to feature again in Oil & Gas.

Blue Tongue’s Oil & Gas Dual Trade E&I (controls) Up-skilling program has been built for the specific needs of the industry in the area of Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance. We are partnering with reputable companies in the Oil & Gas sector to provide our clients workforce control, consistency and predictability allowing for optimal project delivery through the Dual Trade E&I (controls) Up-Skill program.

Whilst the need and availability of skilled labour fluctuates, the need to build and maintain a high performance work culture is constant. Our clients can leverage off our existing resources which allows them to have an immediate workforce planning capability.

In leveraging off what Blue Tongue have already invested in, trialled and tested, our clients save time, money and most importantly get better results.

Our team are passionate about offering a program that is state of the art, and leading edge for the Oil & Gas industry. We offer more than just training services and more than just recruitment/on-hire services, we offer our Clients;

- A total program which includes strategic recruitment, selection, employment, risk management, formal training (up-skilling), relocation and settlement, mentoring, performance management and workforce integration.

- A dual traded skilled worker that has a winning attitude, has sacrificed and committed, has been trained on state of the art systems and is productive and ready to join our clients business.

- A skilled person that is highly productive, has new skills, is career minded, has a great attitude and is not part of the same ‘revolving door’ culture that so often prevails when trades people ‘chase the dollar’.

Blue Tongue proudly partner with SWSI Tafe and SAGE to deliver our state of the art Electrical & Instrumentaation Control Upskilling Program.

employees stories

  • "It has been a great experience working with you and the rest of the team. I wish to express my great appreciation for the hard work you put in arranging my coming to Australia and further more your hard work in having my large family get residence status. My family also thank all of you for the good.."

    John Ncube, Cummins - 457 Sponsored,

  • "I have been working with you for the past five years and I have enjoyed every single day with great experience, I appreciate all the support you have given over these years for me and my family, thank you very much..."

    Feroz Khan, 457 Sponsored,

  • "I have had an amazing time working with you guys since I got here in Australia and the great help Blue Tongue have been, I will always be grateful..."

    Solomon Chidamahiya, Mitchell Corp- 457 Sponsored,

  • "Last week, our family finally gained Permanent Residency Visa from the Immigration Office. We are very happy and also grateful about it. First of all, we thank all the members of Blue Tongue, special thanks to Tully Young, for letting us, our family, to stay and enjoy our lives in Australia. As.."

    Dong Bae Yang, 457 Sponsored,

  • "Thank you for all your help and always being there to look after all our needs..."

    Jayson Ortega, 457 Sponsored,

  • "Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last four years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided during my tenure with the company..."

    Imran Ahmed, 457 Sponsored,

  • "The Upskilling program has been an awesome experience I’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of new experiences and it’s opened a lot of doors..."

    Glenn Samson, MACA Mining- Up-skill,

  • "The best part of the up-skill program for me was obtaining employment in the mining industry.."

    Chris Lethlean- Atlas Copco, Up-skill,

  • "The up-skill program has been a great experience and I'm very glad I took the challenge.."

    Ian Welgus, MACA Mining- Up-skill,

  • "Since I came here, I have been working with Tully and Blue Tongue as a family member to the whole team. I will call Blue Tongue family because I can express my concerns and views and my problems to anyone in the team..."

    Joshua Mwale, Atlas Copco- 457 Sponsored,

  • "I would most certainly recommend the upskill program, I will never turn back without a doubt. I would do it all again..."

    Adrian Ferraro-Quin- Atlas Copco, Up-skill,

  • " I would 100% recommend the Upskill program to other light vehicle mechanics. You'd be crazy not to do it..."

    Tom Cullen - Light Vehicle to Heavy Diesel Upskill,

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